Kokomo Wings & Wheels Airshow II!

July 3, 2010; OKK

Photos by Justin Gould

Mark T's dragster, waiting


Greg in the Chipmonk


Smoking out for the crowd


The dragster does a burnout towards me while I do a flyover


The Dragster takes off...and I'm not there.  Darned premature flag action...


Here I come finally




Trying to get a little speed to try to catch up...


Not a chance.  His chute was popped before I even got to him.  But it will be a good race if we can get the timing right if there's a next time.  :)


Coming in to land


Mark after the race


I wore a white "Princess" glove just to wave at Chuck and the crowd as part of a joke.  Chuck was laughing hysterically which made me start laughing too.  ;)


Me on the wing after the car race waiting for the 15 minutes before loading back up for the warbird show.


Mike in the Super Decathlon


Ty in the Luscombe racing a Jeep


Mike in front of the crowd, watching Pitts Bob do his routine


Nathan in the Mustang and me in the T-6 on the runway


Bob R


On the runway we had the T-34 (next photo) on the far left, then me in the middle, then Nathan in the P51 on the right, followed by the two bombers, the PV2 and the C-45.


Dave leads us out


Harpoon going by


Me following Dave's smoke



The T-34, T-6 and P-51






Nathan--Jon and Steve C. did a fantastic job polishing this up this last week.  LOOK at the shine on this thing!


Speaking of polished-the T-6 from Illinois piloted by Jay S.


Dave does a pass down Runway 5 at 201'.


Nathan coming in for a landing


Chuck wearing his "drive the forklift carrying smoke oil barrels" hat at the moment. ;)


Photos by R. Hammitt

Bob smokes out the crowd in the Pitts


Greg in the Chipmonk


Nathan's planes lined up


Greg goes upside down




T-6 doing a pass


Mustang on a pass


T-6 on the ramp


Trying to catch up to the dragster


Stearman on the ramp


Folks at the Mustang




One more pass shot


of each plane


Ramp Guys at the 51

Taxiing back out

C-45 taxis out

Taxiing in at the end of the day...

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