Kokomo Wings & Wheels Airshow!

July 3, 2010; OKK

Friday night...Nathan, Steve, Ty, Chuck, Walt


Nathan and Tre


Putting the T-6 away at the end of the night

Friday Sunset at the airport


Sun going down by the hangars


Chuck & Trey talking hand propping and other things.


It is the crack of dawn. Literally. Saturday morning sunrise at OKK...


Jon tugs the T-6 out to the ramp.


Chuck gets the Citabria out to take to the ramp for Young Eagles rides.


The Citabria in the foreground, T-6 in the background.


The T-6 in the morning sun.


Now it's the Mustang's turn to be tugged to the ramp. Jon, Zak, Steve and Mike


Headed out to the ramp...


Checkertail Clan planes on the ramp together


Young Eagle planes on the ramp.


Here comes the PV-2 Harpoon, inbound for landing





Family watching the PT-19 taxi in



Parking the PV-2


Zak gives them the thumbs-up that their wing is clear of the Mustang.


A Pietenpol


The C-45 inbound for landing



Parking the C-45




These RC guys flew remote control planes and fooled several of us into thinking they were real.


Walt G.'s T-28





R+10 (Dave) arriving in his T-34 with smoke on.


Jay S. arriving in the polished T-6




I had to follow this little experimental down final in the Citabria, and I was a speed demon in the Citabria compared to this little thing.  :)


T-28 and T-6


Jon & Zak



Some of the antique cars parked on the grass


A portion of the parking lot before the show started


Mary, Chuck "Air Boss 2", Justin, Steve "Air Boss", Charlie "Trouble", Steve C. and I think AE.


Ty and Mark in the Jeep vs. Luscombe race


Jon watching the show while I wait to fire up


Some of the crowd lined up, some of the transient planes on the grass



More folks on the ramp, the Stearman, the Pitts and BT-13



Folks at the OKK airshow...


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