Sheridan Wings & Wheels Show II

June 26, 2010; 5I4

Air Boss watching over the performances


Aerobatic planes lined up ready for their routines


Darren the airport owner, and performers Mike Wild and Bob Richardson


Steve, keeping an ear out


Chuck, listening on the scanner for traffic


The ramp is pretty full now, lots of folks


Greg coming by in the Chipmonk, Air Boss watches


Greg taxies in...


and Smokes out the FAA (and us, but mostly the FAA)


You can see folks sitting under all sorts of surfaces watching


The Model T ready to go for its race


The FAA fellows keeping a close eye on the aerobatic routine happening above while the antique cars line up ready for their close-up.


AE giving Steve info, while Steve keeps one ear and two eyes on his sky duties


Here go two of the three antique cars, to the end of the runway for their "race"


The Chipmonk takes off for his part of the race


And he's off...


This is not much of a race, folks.  The cars top out at about 40 mph and the Chipmonk can't fly that slow.  :)


He pulls away and comes back for another round or two


Here are the three cars racing down the runway at the speed of sound.


The Chipmonk goes overhead


He's in the lead, what a shock!


Coming in for the kill...


Reminds me of WWII footage...


Next is a speedster and a Pitts.


Pitts Bob is ready to go...


And this isn't a close race either, but everybody has fun with both races.  Car guys, plane guys and spectators.


The Speedster comes back in to park after getting whipped.




and more spectators


Have you ever seen that photo of an airplane in Africa with a whole line of lions in the shade of the wing?  We don't know these folks sitting under Nathan's airplane, but that's okay, they are welcome to the shade.  :)


The Civil Air Patrol folks take some shade too


Two CAP planes leaving


Everything starts heading out after the show.


Meanwhile I'm good and hot and sitting under the wing of the T-6 taking photos.  :)


Chuck's golf cart died, so AE towed him in...


And a Stearman takes off, only to have an unfortunate nose-over incident a few minutes later on the runway at its home base.  Nobody hurt, thankfully.


The L-bird leaving...


This is a beautiful Stearman based out of Frankfort


The blue and white is very sharp.



A different view of the T-6, photo by Steve Tummers.  :)


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