Sheridan Wings & Wheels Show

June 26, 2010; 5I4

First 15 photos by Justin Gould

Chuck, Zak and Jon on the ramp at Sheridan


Me coming in to the corn?


It looks that way from the plane and from the ground both sometimes.


Taxiing up, swimming through the corn.


Steve Cusick waving me towards the next marshaller and a parking spot.


Zak and the two "Friendly" FAA guys checking my papers for compliance.


A group of us out by the T-6...


The hat Chuck and Judy made for me after I soloed the T-6. :)


"Air Boss" Steve holding the morning briefing


Yak Attack. 


Steve Cusick helping move Pitts Bob's Pitts.


Greg Aldridge, smoke on.


Me waiting for the Chipmonk and the antique cars to meet center stage so I can get a photo of them together.  Or could be also known as "Hey Laura, turn around, the plane is behind you!"


Pitts Bob smokes out on the taxiway


My photos from the day...

Sheridan from the hazy air, in the T-6, coming in to land before things get going.


Flying with Trey in the Citabria


Inbound for landing 18, Glenndale.


The car guys set up on both sides of the taxiway.


And there were quite a few of them!


The Bulldog and the L-bird


Additional parking out back-what was just two days ago completely under water.


T-6 and the Marine Cessna


Two Stearmen, one ill-fated later that day elsewhere, and a Super Decathlon.


A few of our safety crew, the ground guys, without whom we could not possibly have any kind of event at all.  You can bring all the performers there you want, but without these guys, you've got chaos.


Sheridan's ramp before it fills up.


Some of the vendors, tents set up, etc.



Nathan & Gwenie and the Stearman.


Greg Aldridge starts up to taxi out for the aerobatic portion of the show.



Things are getting busier...



And a lot of people are huddling wherever they can to find shade.


This little guy had the right idea-a hat and a drink bigger than you!



And the crowd grows...


You can see some of us huddled under the T-6 wing too.


Some of the cars...


AE directing volunteers


Now these two had a brilliant idea...


The shady spot for a view of the show and a quick nap perhaps.


The Yak, and in the far left, Air Boss and the aerobatic sterile ramp area.


Greg Aldridge goes by...


Looking back at the ramp

Steve "Air Boss" Stants, Chuck in the golf cart

The aerobatic guys...

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