Cherry/Stants Vacation II

Franklin, Tennessee, August 14-20, 2006
(These photos are huge if you click on them, be warned!)

Everybody at the zoo on the wrong path.  "Are we Lost??"



Checking out the animal display




Wow, that's attractive. My mission of interrupting the shot...accomplished.


Richard & Ann


Rania, Morgan, Alonna & Tanner


Everybody in the canes



NO air flow in here, but it sure is pretty.


Photographer Cathy Cherry takes on the wild elephants. :)


Kaylee squishes Morgan (bad pony)'s hand


Richard on safari


Kaylee hauls Morgan out of the area


Though they stop to check out the giraffe


Tanner & Steve



The kids in the petting zoo part of it


And riding the carousel!


Photographer Alonna sets up her shot


Everybody on a big net thingy way high up!


Lon, Alonna, Richard and Ann take a quick break.


The weebles.  Or something.


Weevils?  Something like that!



Tanner & Kaylee in the 'cave' at the zoo


Kaylee with her walking stick, the family


Photographer Laura Stants getting photographed too!


Tanner & Kaylee and...something!


All the grown-ups in rocking chairs waving high at the kids on the carousel.


Steve joins the kids on the net


Our family at the Rainforest Cafe


Cousins at Fat Mo's Hamburger Joint

Rania, Alonna & Morgan playing racquetball



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)