Spring Break 2013 II

Orlando & Daytona Beach, FL 3/30/13 - 4/6/13

The street that looks like New York City...


See?  :)


City Slickers


Mary Poppins umbrella?


Steve photobombs Kaylee




Dusk falling, the Tower gets colored lights put on it.  We're in line for the Aerosmith Rock-n-Roller Coaster


By the time we're done, it's full on dark...



Last thing we did was "Fantasmic", an outdoor theater show involving this set, lights, music, fire, fireworks, and characters.


They had these sprays of water surrounding the set, and they would put up scenes onto the water itself.  You can't really see that in the  picture, but you might get the idea here.


Boats floating by, lit up, with characters on them


And a fire-breathing dragon.


Big steamboat with most of the characters on board


Lights, water, smoke


And fireworks






Disney always did know how to do it right.


Kaylee passed out on the ride home.  Disney took her out.  Me too.  ;)



Our hotel at sunset


Another day of swimming and boogie boarding


Three friends hitting the surf


But you're never too old to dig a hole in the sand, right?



A group getting ready to go.



Nice waves out there...




It's so windy that Kaylee's boogie board is trying to get away from her.






Going out a few more times...


Braving the cold and wind...

Yee Haw!

Okay, packing up to come inside...





This gets an "Oh, No!" for two reasons.  First, no more danged turtles.  And second, the mannequin in the window has been "pantsed".  Heh.



Me & Kaylee at the Starlight Diner



Steve & Kaylee at the Starlight Diner


More food.  This is a big bowl of leftover crab leg detritus.  All told we had 4.5 pounds of crab legs for the three of us to get through.  :O


Following are photos of the same sunrise from three different cameras.  Just checking which one I liked.  What's your favorite?










Okay, I'm done now.



(Fun Family Photos Updated 4/07/13)