Spring Break 2013

Brooksville then Daytona Beach, FL 3/30/13 - 4/6/13


Roadie curled up in Kaylee's sleeping bag as we were packing up and getting ready to go.


Goofball in the back of the Aerostar on the way down to Brooksville, FL



Kaylee took this attractive photo of us.  :)


Goofball in the back there.


Taking a nap on the way down to FL



Which way are we supposed to go, again??


Kaylee's crazy socks


In Grandma & Grandpa's back yard.



We ate at "Charlie's", on the water.


Kaylee didn't recall ever seeing a pay phone before in person.  :O



Kaylee at Grandma & Grandpa's.



On the bench in the back yard.


Kaylee & Grandma at Easter Lunch.  :)



Lovely Ladies!



Kaylee's helping Grandma figure some things out on her cell phone.



Texting friends



Chillin' with Dad


Walking out to the Aerostar to head to Daytona



Aren't they cute?


Ready to hit the beach!


Checked in at the hotel, looking out at the water.


Enjoying the view from the 8th floor



Our beds had these towels folded on them for that special little touch.  ;)



To the left...



To the right...


Going down to the beach for Round One of Water Works



First morning in Daytona, sun over the ocean.


Getting ready to hit the surf!


Boogie Boarding In


Smilin' Surfer.  :)


Kaylee & Daddy


Just talking


A random little white sailboat out on a big ocean.


Eating a bucket of crab legs at Joe's Crab Shack


These are "Queen Crab Legs", which I'd never heard of, but they were good!



Joe's Crab Shack was out on Daytona Pier, way out there.  Here's a view of Daytona's Boardwalk area...


While the kiddo went back out in the ocean with friends, we sat at the Tiki Bar area and relaxed to music and watched the kids surfing.



Steve & I with our buckets that you can't see.



Somebody decided to feed the birds, and they S-w-a-r-m-e-d anything that moved.  They were dive bombing people like something out of Alfred Hitchcock.


My finger the day before I worked on it.



After today it got a little prettier, even more colorful and more swollen with a big lump off the side, so the next day...



I'd had enough of waiting for antibiotics that were not working.



Kaylee's asleep in the car on the way TO Disney.  We haven't even worn her out yet!


Kay & her friend Grace



Kay, Grace and Sariya waiting in line for the "Tower of Terror" ride at Hollywood Studios, Disney.


Steve and I are in line for the ride too.  I took lots of pictures of it because it's just photogenic...



The group of 11 kids that started out the Disney Journey



We went to the Indiana Jones stunt show, and this was two cast members pushing the boulder back up the hill after the first big stunt sequence.


The market was the second stunt sequence, with an exploding truck and shooting the sword-fighting ninjas.


The big fight scene stunt--but that was the sorriest looking excuse for an airplane I'd ever seen!  :)


Fire.  I like fire.  Fire is good.


Indy and Marion run.  More fire.


Grand finale fire.  Okay, I'm done with fire.


This ride had a lot to do with the history of various movies, and had some realistic "living" scenes.




(Fun Family Photos Updated 4/07/13)