Cherry/Stants Christmas II

Franklin, TN; Dec. 30, 2010 - Jan. 2, 2011


Glenndale Santa II


Kaylee reading from the  Bible



Just laughing and enjoying the company and the gifts.






An overview.  :)


Me taking a picture of Aunt Cathy taking a picture of Kaylee & Uncle Lon.


Big hug for Ra



Watching Al open her gift


Whoa, great boots!


Aunt Cathy & Kaylee



Kaylee threatens to change pants in public.  ;)


The New Disney Fairy DS Game! Yay!



Kay with Uncle Lon & Aunt Cathy



Kaylee with Grandma & Grandpa


The "kids" going through the tree to get their M&M candy canes


Sword fighting with candy canes


Cousins Goofy


And cousins laughing



Uncle Steve interfering with the photo again.


Kaylee overcoming his interference. ;)


And...more laughing.


Kay with her new hat and shirt/vest


And boots.  ;)


Random camera testing photo of a tree in front of a tree.


Dinner out at Mo's workplace!


Mo at work, and Kay


Yes, that is a Wolverine hat. I tried to support them, but they lost miserably anyway.  Sorry Tan.



The Puzzle Tradition


Everyone gets together and puts together a puzzle.


Kaylee getting a section.


The Puzzle Crew with the finished product!


And all their pretty newly painted nails. Tan looks thrilled. ;)


Sitting around New Year's Eve, testing settings on my phone.


Flying home from Tennessee

Kaylee "I won't fall asleep again" Stants in the back of the C-172RG

Annnd, she's out.  ;)  Welcome home...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)