Cherry/Stants Christmas

Franklin, TN; Dec. 30, 2010 - Jan. 2, 2011

The Cherry Tree :)



Steve messing with his phone by the glow of the tree



Ra and Kay goofing around






Steve and Tan hanging out in a warm, inviting room. :)


Grandma & Grandpa Stants set up this table full of goodies for the grandkids to choose from.



Kay & Ra in front of the table



Scoping out the goods, choosing one at a time.


Kaylee with Snuggles the Cat.


Al, Ra, Mo, Tan, Kay & Snuggles in a photo series.  Pose...


Drop cat and get fluff off of you...




Kaylee gives Grandma a thank you hug


The Girls.  :)



The view from the hot tub.



Kaylee's reading the Christmas story from the Bible this year.



Reading about Jesus' birth


Tan & Kay



Watching Mo open her gift from Kay



Mo & Kay


I open a gift from everyone


Glenndale Santa



Ann & Richard.  :)



Steve & Laura with his IU gifts from the Cherrys



Uncle Lon & Kaylee


Ra & Kay



Grandma with her beautiful new bracelets


Watching Al open her gift from Kaylee


Kaylee & Al


And now Kaylee with her gift From Al.  :)


Mo & Kay



Kay & Rania


Kay & Tan


Richard with his gift from the Cherrys



Ann & Richard having fun.  :)


A lovely gift!  :)



Grandma & Grandpa with Richard's Bible and the grandkids


Richard with his new Bible






Steve & Laura and all

Kaylee with Grandma & Grandpa

Richard and Ann with all their (earthly) grandkids.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)