Oshkosh Fly-In

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 21-29, 2006
(These photos are huge if you click on them, be warned!)

STILL more getting food



Holly & Jamie


More party people


Party folks!


The kids enjoying their party food!



The sky over our campsite during the party


Buffet Night


See the Buffet Trees?  I thought that was clever!


The tent, the tree, the table


And the parrots are on the left side, purple and shiny.  :)


Freeze, Nate!


Ty, Chuck, eating


Why John Dale, are you or are you not surrounded by attractive female airline pilots??


Nice Leis.  :)


Chuck & Judy relaxing by dinner


Kaylee watching the air show


Kaylee & Jamie on the flight line, hot and resting under a wing.


Still not worn enough to prevent them from being goofy though!


Flushed face cute stuff


Sweet girl!


Nathan watches the air show


Steve & Kaylee at the air show


Nate's Mustang doing a fly-by and "dropping" a bomb


In the distance you can see the Bombers, in formation.


Getting closer...


Is that a beautiful sight or what.


They dropped their bombs, and here is the resulting "Wall of Fire".


And this is the bombers doing the Missing Man Formation.



As "Taps" plays, one bomber peels off to represent the missing man, the pilots lost to battle.

We went back to the museum one more time, and this is Steve & Kaylee in the hot air balloon simulator.  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)