Oshkosh Fly-In

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 21-29, 2006
(These photos are huge if you click on them, be warned!)


Kaylee & Maggie on a bus ride to the EAA Museum


Fighter Pilot Kaylee


Fighter Pilot Maggie



Maggie "flying" the F-22



Kaylee "flying" the F-22


Kaylee pulling an ejection seat handle.


Um...a jet.  Don't remember which one.  ;)


Both the girls were fascinated by this one.  Bernoulli's principle in action!



Kaylee seeing the ball shoot up and move around in the air stream.


And Maggie too.  :)


Maggie attempting a helicopter pilot maneuver with a ball & Stick.


Kaylee gives it a shot too.


This was neat-a hang gliding simulator



Maggie in the simulator


Kaylee attempting to hang glide.



Kaylee in the control tower in the museum, spotting traffic.



"Spotter" Kaylee


Kaylee & Maggie with their wind socks.


Kaylee and Maggie before we left the museum for good.



Kaylee and Maggie watching the air show that afternoon


A plane came over and did skywriting over the campsite.  EAA (for Experimental Aircraft Association)


I think this one is self-explanatory.  ;)


This silhouette is Kaylee up on a very steep grass hill (Chuck's Hill) by our camp site.  Kids would go up to the top, sit on cardboard, and sled down it at a high rate of speed.  She did it too, and she had a BLAST.


Here she comes!


Kaylee & Jamie being goof-balls!


Now just ask me why these guys are standing on the roof of their camping trailer with a storm headed our way.  I dunno.


In fact, here comes the storm now.  This is our camp site, the public area of it anyway, where people ate, hung out, etc.


I just thought the storm looked pretty neat...




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)