Memorial Day Weekend II

May 29, 2010 - June 1, 2010
Kentucky Dam, KY

Kaylee & Grandpa walk the dogs.


Kaylee took the next two just because she liked the flags.


Off the top of the boat.



Cheeto Girl.  ;)



Grandma & Kaylee, on our way out to go swimming.


Heading out


Kaylee's new dress and shoes.


It's bright out here, but I'll smile for you anyway!


Kaylee's decked out and ready to go swimming.


Climbing down the ladder to get in some swimming.



The first few minutes were spent on Daddy,



and on the blue floatie...


But after this she was off on her own.  :)


Kaylee took this and the next photo.


Yes, I went swimming too!



A snack after the swimming



Caught me!


Kaylee, the bridge, the lake...



Steve walking towards the bow.


Just testing out a camera setting.



Look at those big thick juicy burgers!



Grandma setting the table



Grillmaster fixing us up.


Kaylee walking the dog to the car for them to go home.



Three dogs, two ladies.


Kaylee with Grandma & Grandpa, on their way home.



Going into the restaurant at the Moor Marina



If you ever get out there, this is a good little restaurant!


Scallywag Kaylee!



Kaylee & Mommy relaxing at the Moors' Restaurant


Kaylee locking up the boat curtains at night.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)