Memorial Day Weekend

May 29, 2010 - June 1, 2010
Kentucky Dam, KY

Kaylee & Grandpa fishing off the dock to start the weekend.


Fisher-Kaylee  :)


She was unsuccessful, but that didn't stop her from trying.



Lots and lots of spots...



Still unsuccessful...


Time to come in!


A series of photos of Kaylee being woken up on the bench out front.





"I'm getting down now-stop taking my picture!"


Me doing what I do well-finishing up a book!


Kaylee took a few of these photos, like this one. :)  Hanging out on the deck of the Mister D.


An ice cream stop later, we stopped at the dock to eat our goodies.


And this was the place of choice every day for something cool and tasty.


Walking back to the boat...


We've made it back to the dock.


Steve working on the computer.


Kaylee & Grandma work on a craft.


While Grandpa & Moses the Dog "help".


Done!  Very lovely.  :)



Kaylee & Steve walk arm in arm down the dock.


We stopped at a Catholic church to eat fried chicken for a fundraiser of theirs, and it was GOOD.


Me under the "Mister D" sign.


Just-out-of-the-shower Kaylee


This was a real sunset.


Kaylee by the flag on the boat


Watching the sun go down.


And texting me all the time!


Sunday morning before church-a great time to fish again. ;)


Waiting to go to church

Laughing at me.  ;)


These turtles LOVED this line coming up on shore.  Look at the baby on the back of the one 5 from the left.  This was only a fraction of the turtles on there, too.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)