ABS Formation Clinic Weekend II

April 4-6, 2009; OKK

Second sortie of the day, with 3 Bonanzas and a Baron.


It was still a beautiful day, but it got a little turbulent this afternoon.


The view is better with three in front of you instead of one.  :)



In trail.




Overhead break at the airport.  Lead breaks left


One potato, two potato, three


There goes #2, you can see his wings behind the Baron.



#3 goes, and we come in to land...end of the flights... 

Pictures from Kokomo Tribune Photographer Erik Markov

Overhead break


Beechcraft on the flight line


Flight briefing




Up Close & Personal.  :)



Element landing, runway 5


Pictures from Justin Gould

Kaylee & Maggie playing in the water puddle.  Now I know why she had wet feet.


Me & Charlie on golf cart patrol.


Kaylee riding by on a scooter.  :)


Pulling the prop through on the T-6.


Still pulling the prop through...


Waiting for Steve to get his buckles free


Me and Steve getting settled in


Getting ready to start up.


Still.  ;)


Warming up, getting ready to go





Up, Up and Away...




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)