ABS Formation Clinic Weekend I

April 4-6, 2009; OKK

This is not a sunset photo, this is a sunRISE photo, and I got to the airport while it was still totally dark.  The bright light on the left is the airport beacon.


The first sortie of the morning, Bonanzas in the background, a couple of pilots double checking their start time.


There's a 4-ship formation doing their run-up on the taxiway there all in a row as we go by in our 2-ship, ready to depart.


Our lead plane


It's a pretty morning to fly.  :)


I did get a lot of windshield glare in these photos though...


In trail



Coming in to land.  Lead is on the right side of the runway almost halfway down about to touch down if you blow this up.


Justin taking a video of the formation takeoff.


The sun was out, the hangar was open, and people started stopping in.


We set up our own food table in the hangar surrounded by a Cheyenne, Mustang, Baron and T-6.  :)


A few of the regulars sitting and having some coffee.


Snagging some burgers


Chuck and the T-6


Dawn, Charlie, Dale, Sam...


Just basking in some sun. Sun that still needs to warm up a little bit.  :)


Charlie bugging Justin.  ;)


Jonathan, Sam


A bit of a lunch break


The start of the lunch line


Walt and Chuck


A two-ship and a four-ship post flight debrief


Steve talking with some of the Bonanza guys


ABS guys


Bonanzas on the ramp, cars, golf carts, people.  Just...stuff.


Maggie, Kaylee and Steve



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)