Sun 'n Fun

April 8-10, 2008
Lakeland, FL

This is the outdoor "flea market". Lots of tents set up with lots of stuff for sale.


Kaylee's laughing but looking cool in her get-up.



Nathan and Steve posing by the "I love this paint job" winner of the day.


Resting under the wing of a Mustang on the warbird ramp.


This is the T-6 that the Huntington guys finished up not too long ago.  Nice looking bird.


Steve, Nathan & Kaylee by the Mustang.


Jamie & Kaylee watching the skydivers.



It's a must. The skydivers with the American and POW/MIA flags with planes with smoke circling them to the Star Spangled Banner.



Just a pretty, pretty day.


Nathan watching


Kaylee, Nathan and Jamie, hats off for the flag and the anthem.


Just Kaylee, hat off.


Obligatory flag shot I can't pass up.


Kaylee eating a lemon icee


Jamie & Kaylee resting under another wing with a treat.



Kaylee & Jamie shopping...



A nice formation of T-6's as the show gets going.


Just walking.  :)



Nathan & Steve exiting Sun 'n Fun.  :)




Kaylee, Jamie, and Flat Man.


Kaylee & Jamie at the airport waiting to head back home.


Poser.  :)


Just chatting.



More resting and chatting.


Kaylee at Bartow


Kaylee hanging onto the Baron's wing.


Getting ready to get in for the trip home.


The Smoky Mountains under the Baron


Kaylee and Jamie and the way home


Kaylee and Jamie silhouettes at our fuel stop in Knoxville, Baron out the window.



Just some pictures of the Avidyne during the last bit of our trip home.



The white airplane in the bottom center is "us".  The hot pink (better known as magenta) is our track or where we are going to go.  The colors are light, medium and hard rain, and the KOKK is our destination-Kokomo Airport.



This thing is wonderful. I can also look at it and it will tell you where the winds are, what the weather is wherever you are going, what time it is, how many miles away you are, how long it's been since the Nexrad updated, just all sorts of info we didn't used to have.  Have to love technology...anyway, shortly after this we were home.  :)




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)