Sun 'n Fun

April 8-10, 2008
Lakeland, FL


Winging our way towards Florida *very* early in the morning.



The panel of the Baron on our way down.


Jamie and Kaylee playing their Nintendo DS units wirelessly playing together with their own intercom system outside of the rest of us.


The other passengers on board this flight--me, flying this leg.


Steve all cozy in the middle seat


Nathan, well, just Nathan!


Kaylee outside Nathan's mom's house in Florida



Just a couple pictures of scattered rain showers.  We were VFR on our way to Bartow, with the showers off to our side.



The end of the patchy showers


Kaylee and Jamie with "Flat Stanley" (or "flat man" as he calls him)



Kaylee and Jamie on the Baron at Bartow


Getting ready to get down...



The kids at "Harry's", a really nice restaurant in Lakeland, FL.


On our way to Sun-N-Fun early in the morning!



First we must have a nutritious breakfast at McDonalds.


Kaylee with her old pal Ronald.


Jamie & Kaylee with Ronald.



Nathan & Steve walking towards the entrance.



Welcome to Sun 'n Fun!


This was a tiny little port-o-potty-like Security pod with an air conditioner on top.  Barney Fife's Place?



Hmmm, we've been here 10 minutes looking at Light Sport Aircraft, and the kids are already sitting down and looking fascinated.  ;)


But there are always things to do.  Play with streamers...


Welcome newly arriving guests to the show...



Cool, a helicopter!


The kids got a 'ride' in it for $.50.


They're a little too big, but hey.


Nathan checks out the room in one of the LSA



We both check it out, and the fit is actually pretty nice.



BP had a good hook-air conditioned port-o-potties!


Nice ones.  With marble looking walls, sinks with running water, potpourri on the shelves. ;)



Jamie & Kaylee resting briefly while we go through the hangars full of shopping stuff.


A moment of outside air away from the crowds.

Jamie & Kaylee with the lady who dressed up like an angel for "Heaven's Place", some airpark you can live on and fly out of.  All the kids were fascinated by the angel.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)