April 6, 2008 at Kokomo Airport
American Bonanza Society Formation Flight Training Day 2

Rather than write under each one, basically the ABS guys were generous enough to let me tag along with them on one of their four-ship formation flights, and I snapped a few photos here and there.  Lead was a Baron, and the other three were Bonanzas.




















Cue the music as five pilots (Steve second from the right taking a right seat as well) take the long walk to their "birds" to do the last formation flight of the weekend.


On another note, this is Kaylee's bicycle helmet.  First let me say, yes, it really does fit my head. Secondly, we took this as a joke because my real flight helmet was 9 months in the making and we hadn't seen it yet and I might "need" one soon.


Then lookie what Nathan came walking in with today.  My helmet made it!



Yep, that's mine all right.  ;)  Chuck was kind enough to take some photos of me wearing it, but for now I'll just put the helmet up.  One photo of me in a helmet is enough for one day.  ;)




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)