April 5, 2008 at Kokomo Airport
American Bonanza Society Formation Flight Training Day 1

Kaylee drove the golf cart today, though not without another adult other than however long it took me to snap this photo.  ;)


She started off pretty cautious, but by the end of the day she pretty much had it down.


It's easy to get a real smile out of this girl when she is driving something fun.  Wonder where she got that.  ;)



Steve and Kaylee go next.  You can see all the airplanes in the background.


Playing it cool...



Nice smile.  :)


Back to home base safe and sound...


Max and Nathan fuel up the plane and some gas cans.


This is a Segway.


Kaylee took right to it.


There are three "keys" to make it go slow, medium or fast.  She started off on the 'fast'.  Later we turned it down to 'slow' for all the kids.



See?!  Riding something fun = real smile.  ;)


Cruising down the taxiway.


Dale Etherington takes the Segway for a spin too.



Dale with the Citabria and Baron.




I think he likes it too.  :)


Jamie & Nathan Davis taking it for a ride.


Nathan and Gwenie give it a whirl.


I do believe she enjoyed it too.  :)



Dale and Carl in the hangar.



Kaylee, Jamie and Gwenie find a dead bird.



Gwenie wants to play with it, while Kaylee is half crying and praying for it.


Kaylee takes such things very seriously.  :)


The hangar with a few toys.  Segway, golf cart, Citabria, folks. :)


Justin on the Segway.


The Trio wandering around the airport.



Kaylee, Jamie and Gwenie.



They actually did a good job sharing this most of the day.



All the planes in the background, the kids walking (or rolling) off into the sunset. ;)


Holly flying the Baron.


Kaylee really sunburned her face today, as you can see.



Gwenie, Jamie and Kaylee




(and look at those red cheeks!)


Steve takes his turn on the Segway


Nobody fell off, nobody got hurt, and we all decided we're glad to have a neighbor who has one we could play with.  :)


Riding off into the sunset?  ;)



Justin, Holly and Laura having a chat.



Airport Golf-Cart Hanging Out.


Justin grills up some steaks for the crew to finish the day.




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)