1st Ever Sheridan Air Show! Page I

Sheridan, IN; 8/27/07

Here we are, at the first official Sheridan Air Show!


Just a few of the planes on the ramp.


The performers are in a briefing, getting ready to go.


This is the front of the food line...


Folks were lined up for the food all the way back to the ramp.  This is the end of the line.


Mostly Glenndale Crew here.


Steve "Air Boss" Stants.  (He likes being called 'boss')



Our first performer headed out to do his routine.



A distant crowd shot.


I took several crowd shots because as you blow them up you can see folks.




Getting Greg Aldridge ready to go for his routine next.


And away he goes!


A nice pull-up right out of the gate


And this is what it looks like when they are closer than I can focus.  ;)







The Air Boss Area.






Greg Aldridge



Greg's doing a smoky spin-out for the crowd.  :)

Another shot


Off goes the Pitts!



Always a crowd pleaser.






A crooked crowd shot.  :)


The Pitts gives us a smoking taxi as well


A T-6 comes in during a show break



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)