Fun Flying in California...

Rosamond, CA 6/06
(These photos are huge if you click on them, be warned!)

Sunset behind the hills of Rosamond airport.


Tre, Gail and the Cheyenne when we arrived in Rosamond.


Chuck, Tommy and Nathan in Van Nuys, CA.


Chuck & Laura in front of the A-26


Check it out!  I got my photo taken with (a photo of) Tom Cruise!  ;)  (His P51 was at the Van Nuys airport there and flown by Matt Jackson, one of the guys from Van Nuys.)


Chuck & Tre in the Cheyenne


I love mountains, as you will see...


Below the spinner is the city of Los Angeles!  Smoggy and hot!


Tony and a P-51 he is building at Chino, CA.


Nathan, Tony & Chuck looking at Nate's P-51 plans.


Okay, I just thought this was funny.  I have another one that I really can't share because my family reads this site.  :)


The mountains by Los Angeles.


Look kinda close, don't they.


Back at Rosamond...



Chuck putting the pitot covers and such on.


These were SO neat.  The giant windmills up by Tehachapi, CA.


The hills and mountains were FULL of these, you can't even get a photo of it...


Chuck & Laura at the apple restaurant with Tre & Nathan in Tehachapi.


A new Marine Bell Tiltrotor-half helicopter and half airplane-coming out of Edwards Air Force Base.


Doug aka 'Opie' aka 'Houdu' (on the right) at his retirement ceremony at Edwards.



Chuck & then Laura under the rocket-boosted F-104 "on a stick" in front of the AF Test Pilot School


Newton the cat on Chuck's head...Newton next moved to Nathan's head.


Chuck's grilling pancakes on the grill...or was this the massive 28 egg scrambler?  The Grill Man was still on duty!


Opie telling the traditional story of the Air Force and Jeremiah Weed.


Some girl following the tradition.


Fun Flying in Vegas Next