Fun Flying in Las Vegas...

Las Vegas, NV 6/06
(These photos are huge if you click on them, be warned!)


Welcome to Vegas!  Not that you can see much of it here, but it's down there.  ;)


Nathan and Tre at the Rainforest Cafe at the MGM Grande Hotel in Vegas


Chuck & Judy at the Rainforest Cafe



And not to be outdone, Chuck & Laura at the Rainforest Cafe just to prove I was there.  ;)


One of the views from my room.


Mandalay Bay...


This place was incredible.  Okay, they all were...



This is INSIDE Caesars's something a photo can't portray.


The massive Trojan Horse at the FAO Schwartz store where Chuck, Judy and I stopped and had some ice cream.  :)



More "Chuck & Laura's Adventures" photos.  The guy in the middle is a very big Centurion.  :)



Laura Betting Dawn's $5.00 for her, and promptly losing it all!


Chuck betting his $5 for Dawn, and actually winning $2 of it back.


Miss Judy betting her $5 for Dawn, and also promptly losing it all.  :)


Nathan betting his $5 for Dawn, and managing to win $1.50 back.  The boys had better luck apparently!


Chuck with his winnings for Dawn...


Nathan with his winnings for Dawn...


A Vegas Couple that we all enjoyed...


This is a living statue!  A guy dressed like that who stands and doesn't move for a loooong time.  I put a dollar down to take a photo with him and he drew me up there (slowly) next to him on the stand.  Funny!

This is inside the Venetian, they actually have a little river in there with gondolas!



So of course we had to take a Gondola ride.  ;)


Next we went to the Excalibur where this was too stupid to NOT do if you are playing tourist.  Hey, it was my first time in Vegas.  Isn't Chuck a good sport??


I got a hydro massage.  You're in public, fully dressed, and the water pounds you for 7 or 15 minutes.  A little claustrophobic at first, but it felt pretty good after that!


The Drink Ladies at Excalibur looked SO uncomfortable to me.  :)



See, I won $10,000!!  (Okay, maybe not)


Here's the casino we stayed in...


And this was "New York, NY" which was let me just say an incredible casino as well.  They ALL were...



This was in New York Casino, no photos allowed inside.


Inside it was like being on a New York street though you can't tell by this photo.


Tre & Judy playing the slots



Nathan & Chuck watching the gals win some money.


The whole crew, heading out.


The Cheyenne in Vegas, getting ready to go.


The Vegas Strip from the air...


Chuck & Judy in the back on the way home...sorry it's blurry!


The Colorado Rockies...


Nathan in the Cheyenne


On our way home to Kokomo...