Kokomo Wings & Wheels 2013

5th Annual, June 8, 2013, KOKK

Photos by Justin Gould

Sunset on a good day...


Ty and I up in the Six


Ty and I flying the Six


Beautiful Stearman


Ty in the Cub


Scott P., Air Boss Jr..  ;)


Cub Routine...


Caravan that came for a visit...


Just observing.


Hangar after-party.


Giving a few rides.


T-6 going by




TBM at the Show


Jumping in the flag


Pitts routine


"Wild" Aerobatics.  :)




Greg! I think you're upside down!  :o



Ty looks kind of smug for having lost--again.


Air Boss.




Billy Werth...


Greyout Aviation



Cliff and Hollywood


Cliff and Hollywood


Line up and wait...




Round Two...






Going around the circuit


Up close on the TBM


In Dave's Cockpit






Super Pinto


Some of the photogs at the show




After show dinner



Some noses on the ramp...


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(Fun Flying Photos Updated 6/30/13)