Danville Warbirds

Danville, IL 10/23/11, Formation Photo Shoot

Flying over to Danville on a lovely day


I later broke that thumbnail refueling the T-6. Fingernails and warbirds don't belong together anyway. ;)


"Live Bait" is pulled out of the hangar and lined up on the ramp


"Live Bait" & Checkertail T-6 at Danville


"Happy Jack's Go Buggy" was pulled out next, and Vlado flew in with "Moonbeam McSwine", and to the right was Gauntlet Warbirds' T-6.  We had quite the ramp going.


"Happy Jack" was run up and tested...



"Happy Jack's", a beautiful P-51, with the pilot "Doc", in full gear.


Greg taking photos as the three Danville restorations did fly-bys.



You can't hardly tell, but there was a rainbow right over the end of the runway with Mustangs right under it. Seems right to me.


Greg's aiming his camera at something while Vlado goes screaming by in "Live Bait"


"Happy Jack"


Vlado making us smile.


After the first round of flybys, the Mustangs and other T-6 land and get gas, and then it's time for the formation shoot.


Photo by Trey Carroll: Taxiing out to the runway. Me and Greg Morehead in the lead T-6, followed by Greg Morris and Michael Vadeboncoeur in the Gauntlet T-6, followed by Vlado Lenoch in the P-51 "Live Bait" with David "Doc" Young in the P-51 "Happy Jack's Go Buggy".  The other three are Danville Restorations, years 2008, 2010 and 2011. Beautiful airplanes.


Trey & Greg taking sunset photos of "Live Bait"


And what a sunset it is...



My cheap camera shot. I look forward to seeing the real photographers' versions.  :)


Flying home at night in the T-6. You can't see the stars, can't see what I saw, but you can see the antenna post on top of the T-6 cowling and the blurry lights of Kokomo.


Landing light of the T-6 over Kokomo's lights


I got the plane tucked away for the night, with a pat on the cowl.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 11/8/11)