Kokomo Wings & Wheels

Kokomo, IN 7/2/11

Photos by Susan Post

Nathan buckles up to do a practice run on the Vette while the Golf Cart Briggade heads down to the runway to watch.


Part of the aforementioned Golf Cart Briggade


Hanging out Friday evening


Scott and Bob discussing what they're going to do.


Morning safety briefing


Planes lined up on the ramp


Scott and Bob race


How many pilots does it take to change the trash?  A lot of us!


Chef Tummers getting buckled in for a ride.


Kid Crew


AE, Scott & Ty.  Two Air Show Captains and everyone's favorite Ice Cream Man.


The hangars



Dale cleans out all three empty ice cream containers. ;)


Trey Carroll's photos

Me taxiing out to do the Corvette Run



I take off in the T-6, Nathan does a half run down the runway


Corvette on the right, T-6 on the left...


Ty in the Cub


The Model T/J-3 Race


The Model T won this time, by a tire...




The two L-29s




Checkertail Clan; Vette and T-6 running to do the race.


Jets taxi in, warbirds taking off.


Dave in the T-28




Jordan in the C-45


John's Yak (and RV) formation


Bill in the L-19 and Jordan in the C-47


Dave, John and crew




Dave taxiing in


Nathan taxiing out


Resting under the shade of the wing


The Mustang firing back up...

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(Fun Flying Photos Updated 7/13/11)