Formation Clinic

Huntington, IN Aug. 29-30, 2009

On my way over to Huntington in the T-6


It was a beautiful morning.


Some of the planes on the ramp at HHG


And a few more.


Trey's getting a shot of the L-39 on takeoff over his head.


Balloon release for the "Balloon Pop" game.


Here goes another...


The balloon-releaser, also a pyro guy and ramp dude and pilot and mechanic. A talented individual!


Trey spots the "Kill" (popped balloon fragments and grabs them for the victor.


The Rest of these Photos are all by Trey Carroll, Do Not Use without permission.

On the ramp at HHG


T-6 on the ramp.



I'm in the back of the T-34, observing a 4-ship.


These were two of the others in the four-ship-Navion & T-6.


Myself and Carl in the T-34


T-34, Navion, T-6, with Yak as lead.



Huntington Below.



On the runway lining up for formation takeoff.



Trey's view.


Look at the shadows on the ground of the two planes.




Turn around and see a bunch of planes on your six.


Huntington in the sun.


Smoke on, in the back of Dave's T-34, planes in trail.


Nice views...


Trying to pop the balloon-you can see it above the rear canopy back there.  :)


Swooping down to pick up the balloon in the air above him.

Shadows of a four-ship.


Back of the T-6



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)