Our 4th of July Celebration

July 5, 2008


Tanner takes a ride in the Corvette with Uncle Steve



Kaylee showing how she rides now, in Nathan's hangar.


Go Kaylee.  :)


The kids are driving around on the golf cart, meeting up with one of our planes.  Sort of.



Tanner, Rania and Kaylee with Uncle Steve on the golf cart.



At the Kokomo Airport.


The Golf Cart Briggade.



Tanner with the Mustang






Kaylee & Rania race on scooters.



Tanner is the fireworks Master for the evening.


Kaylee and Rania with dueling digital cameras.



Steve "entertains" the kids by playing Tanner's electric guitar.


An "Air Guitar" champion in the works?  ;)



That's Kaylee!



Tanner the Fireworks-in-Charge Guy



Kaylee's a little excited.  ;)


Kaylee & Rania


Just swinging...


Until I made her laugh.  ;)



"Uncle" Steve works on getting the fire lit.



And Works...


Uh, I think he got it.  :O


Tanner starts off the festivities by lighting off the firecrackers.  (Do you know they won't let you take them apart and light them one at a time any more!?)


Kaylee (and in the background, Rania) plugs her ears from the fireworks explosion.



A little fire waiting to have marshmallows burned/toasted over it.


Checking out the last picture that was taken.


Rania with her sparkler


And Kaylee (she does have shirts that fit her-this one is now in the "too small" pile to go!)


And Tanner



Lighting the next round of sparklers...



It's a tradition, now.  :)


If you blow this up, they are all looking at their burnt metal spikes and crying at the sadness of the sparklers being dead.


Tanner for the next round.


Taking a close-up of the sparkler.  (Wonder how that turned out)



Wonder Twin Power, Activate!



The spark is dying again...


Extra Power





(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)