Christmas Day II, 2007

Kokomo, IN 12/25/07




Merry Christmas to the boys too!


Grandpa likes it, really.


He's just a little surprised.  ;)






From Grandma & Grandpa, a special secret hidden drawer.  Shhhh



Kaylee's hand-made frames, and messy Mom & Dad. :)



Grandma is covering her mouth because she said out loud that she thought it was a guitar.  She was kidding.  It WAS a guitar.  She was shocked.  ;)


Kaylee loves it!


Thank you Chuck & Judy!  Perfect for gymnastics!


Thank you Santa!  This has already eaten up hours of time.  ;)


Whoaaaaa.  (I think I see tonsils!)


I love that smile.  Merry Christmas to us!



Christmas Mayhem II






One Excited Kaylee



Kaylee with one huge pile of Goodies!


Kaylee with Grandma & Grandpa




Kaylee and Grandma in the Huge Princess Pop-up Tent!




Princess Kaylee...




This tent is getting a *lot* of use too.  ;)



The cats have to check it out of course.



Grandma & Kaylee playing in the tent.





Kaylee & Grandma playing the Nintendo DS


She's already got this first game pretty well figured out...



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