Christmas Day 2007

Kokomo, IN 12/25/07


Kaylee was fast asleep with her hands folded in apparent prayer...


Our tree...



Roadie and Dulce hanging out.


The tent Kaylee and Grandma put up.


Grandma takes a little nap.  :)


Kaylee sitting by her cookie, milk and note for Santa.



The milk, cookie and note for Santa


By the tree on Christmas Eve


Kaylee by Deenie


Kaylee by Deenie



Kaylee & Deenie


Kaylee next to Deenie where the elf showed up one morning.


Kaylee & Deenie in the tree




Kaylee by Deenie hiding in the tree.



Getting ready to open presents.


Grandma and Kaylee with a special lock box heart.


Christmas morning...


Kaylee and Grandma





Steve, Laura and Kaylee with the picture frames Kaylee made in school.



Kaylee hugging Daddy.



Christmas Mayhem


Kaylee by the tree



Kaylee and Grandma in the big tent!


Kaylee opening her stocking


Fun stuff!


Kaylee tries to hit me with the paddle.  ;)



Santa Steve & Kaylee with Strawberry Shortcake doll


She smells Soooo good!


Unwrapping good stuff


Thanks Davis family!



Dulce eating our wrapping paper.


Grandma unwraps her gift.


Christmas Kitty


Excited Kaylee


Aww, isn't that sweet??




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)