Kentucky Lake

On the houseboat the "Mister D".  June 8-10, 2007


Kaylee sets off swimming on her own from Daddy to Grandma & Grandpa.


At the end she grabbed the rope, but she made it!


Here she got brave, and wanted to be alone with a preserver for the first time.  :)


A big grin, she's doing just fine!



Now swimming from the preserver back to Daddy, unassisted.  It's only 20' deep water, no sweat!


A beautiful sunset evening by the lake.



Taking a walk at sunset with Grandma & Grandpa


You can't tell, but this is a big pile of rocks by the dock that she climbed.


Dock Light.  :)


Kaylee Looooves Cherries!  And fruit!



Breakfast of Champions.  Warm, moist chocolate muffins and fruit parfaits with yogurt.  Yum!


Kaylee & Lucy the Dog meet and Greet.



Kaylee & Grandma on a walk.


Kaylee hitches a ride on Grandma.


I just liked both shots.


Cheese!  :)


The girl on this poster looked a LOT like Kaylee does when she has wet hair.


Kaylee caught another fish!  See him over there on the left edge?  Go Kaylee!



One more fishing attempt before we leave.


Kaylee gets a ride in the luggage wheelbarrow.


Kaylee taking her bag out to the Baron to go home.



Kaylee, Steve & the Baron.


Kaylee helping untie the tail of the Baron.


And on the way home, she passed out Very Quickly.  :)


Back at Kokomo, time to ride the scooter around while everybody else works.  :)



She's pretty fast on that thing.


One last smile for the day...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)