Kentucky Lake

On the houseboat the "Mister D".  June 8-10, 2007

This was me pouting when my friends left for California and it was very quiet in the office.  :)


Out the window of the Baron on our way to Kentucky.


Steve in the Baron.


Laura in the Baron.



The clouds under the Baron on the way to Kentucky.


Kaylee caught her First Fish Ever! Right there in front of the pot.  ;)



Kaylee goes back to fishing off the dock.


Kaylee & Grandpa try a new spot off the dock.


Relaxing on the lounge chair on the top deck.


Kaylee by the "Mister D" life preserver.


Kaylee insisted on taking a picture of me.


Watching the water go by.




Walking back to the upper deck ladder.


Kaylee & Daddy on the top deck.





Walk like...


An Egyptian.





Kaylee & The Bridge



Doing the Chicken Dance.  :)


Hi Bridge!




Swimsuit Girl...




Whatever it was, it was funny.  ;)


Kaylee & Daddy climbing down the swim ladder.

There they go!  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)