The Cedarville Girls' Weekend

Columbus, OH;  March 15-18, 2007

Me on my way to Ohio to visit "The Girls".


The first thing I saw-a note written by our Hostess's husband, who took four of their five children and left the house for the weekend so we ladies could have the place to ourselves.  This note was attached to an entire pantry shelf FULL of goodies.  Or badies, as the case may be.  Mostly chocolate, of course.  ;)


Shopping at the fabric store for dress material for Karissa.



Kim, me and Heather-Heather is eating SO healthily-Salad.


LOTS of salad!


Me, Anita & Rachel


I was the lasagna server


Rachel and I were talking.  :)



Me and one passed out Baby Ben!


Me snuggling Ben, Kim and Rachel in the background.


Angie and Ben





Aunt Kim with Rachel & Ben


Ben telling Rachel Baby Secrets.


Awww.  :)


Ben is 2 months old, Rachel is 4 months old.  :)



Me holding baby Ben; Kim holding baby Rachel.


Anita, Kim and Angie at the fabric store.


Heather and Ben


Cheesecake Factory!


Laurie and Kim sharing a Kahlua coffee drink.  Yum!


Kim and Ben


Heather and Angie trimming Molly's nails.

Kim and Ange at Target.




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)