The Cedarville Girls' Weekend
(And my 35th Birthday)

Columbus, OH;  March 15-18, 2007

Anita, Me, Kim, Angie, Heather at PF Chang's where they surprised me with a birthday cake thingy that is amazingly delicious.


Sneaky Kim and company saying "Let's take a picture" while the waiter sneaks behind me with a lit cake thingy.



THAT waiter.  :)


Seriously Delicious Cake Fudgy thingy that inside tasted like brownie dough.


Heather and Ben


Anita & Rachel


Molly the cute but cheesecake eating puppy.


Kim & Ben


Me & Rachel



Kim climbing out of the back of the van, where she had to ride around for the weekend.


Kim  and Angie had to ride in the VERY back of the minivan.


Okay, fine, here is the Mermaid Photo.  HAPPY??  lol


Angie, Anita, me and Kim with our Angel Food cake, in honor of each of our little angels who have gone on to heaven before us.


Sweet Rachel


The lovely pond and area in Heather's back yard.


Kim hanging Heather's curtains.  :)


Stop taking my picture! 


Angie in the Baron


Me getting in to go home...

Kaylee with the birthday cake she and Daddy got ready for me for when I came home.  :)


Kaylee, cake, plates, party hats and favors-ready to go!


Now is that funny, or what?  :D


My cake-on fire with 35 candles.

Kaylee and me with my very largely on-fire cake.  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)