Fun Flying...Archives from the first page.  :)

Chuck and I flew to Mobile, Alabama and got to tour the U.S.S. Alabama.  It was pretty neat, actually! 03/06


A Cheyenne 400 series, Nathan & his brother Kevin's plane.

Oh, and I had to add this one too.  I think it's a great photo, taken at our Annual BBQ Bash at Glenndale Airport.  The one and probably only time this plane will be in our 2500' grass strip runway.  I like that I got to sit up front and witness that historic landing up close and personal.  lol


06/06  I just thought this was interesting. 
An old crop-duster hanging out in front of an old crop-duster at sunset in Eureka, Kansas...


The Aerostar coming up behind the Baron.  Just with a camera phone.  :) 08/06


Check out these (mostly) aviation-related bumper stickers.




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