Just Flying

July 2009; Sunset at OKK & Flight to Missouri

Cheyenne in front of Nathan's hangar at OKK



The night before Holly's baby shower.


Kaylee and Grandma Chiles snuggle while I climb in the Baron to come home.


Waiting on the ramp to say goodbye.


"Goodbye!"  ;)


I love it.  lol


Just a series of sunset photos on my way home.


It was a beautiful flight.





Me with the sunset in the background.


My mic is away from my mouth so I can sing along to the XM radio without disturbing myself. ;)


Just beautiful colors in person...


Here is the end of the pretty weather and the beginning of the IFR, rain, and occasional storm to go around.

It's pretty in its own way.

The (blurry) city lights down below...almost home.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)