Indian Hills Weekend

Indian Hills Airport, Indiana; Sept. 7-8, 2006

The flight of three over Indian Hills


The next low pass


Sunset flight...



About to go over-head


Peeling off...


One at a time.  :)


Kaylee on the ramp as one plane is on final, one is rolling out, and one in the foreground taxiing in.


Charlie lights the fire with some form of blowtorch-like jet-powered flame thrower.  :o)


Mark is NOT eating chocolate cake right now.  Really.



A young Chuck says "This is what I want to fly when I grow up."


The North side of the runway with some of the planes there...


And the South side of the runway with some of the planes there!


A few low passes for the day...


Here comes the Bellanca



Bellanca flying overhead


The Citabria "Adventure" doing a low pass


The Citabria breaks off



Huh.  Somebody took my photo.  Some of the crew watching the planes going overhead...


The Comanche


The Comanche goes over...


One more of the Comanche right overhead.


Jim takes up a family (one at a time of course) for their first ever airplane rides, in his Champ.  :)


Steve, Mark & Dale watching and relaxing.


Not sure which one this was.  But it's pretty.


Dale walks back to his Cub to leave...


Dale in the Cub is back-taxiing to the end of the runway.



The cub takes off...


And passes overhead.  :)


He comes back around for a low pass.  If you blow this one up, you can see him in there.  :)


Jim comes around for one last pass for the day.


Lovely in the Champ, as always!



A master bonfire later that night!  :o)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)