Photos by Kaylee!

OKK; May 31, 2009; Photos taken by Kaylee with my little Canon.

Laura & Chuck at the Mexican restaurant


Aunt Cindy at OKK


Aunt Cindy's Zoom Lens


The T-6 taking off on 32 in the background, hangar in the foreground.


Laura & Steve coming back in the T-6


Steve taxing the T-6 from the back.


Laura & Steve shutting down.


I am starting to wonder what I'm looking at that is up and to the right...




T-6 taking off


That's my girl, taking a photo of the Mustang too.  ;)


Steve cleaning the grill.


Kaylee driving on the golf cart.


Kaylee & Mommy


Driving around the airport.


Steve, Cindy and Jeffrey

Taking a photo of Mommy taking a photo of Kaylee

Cindy hanging out.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)