Hanging Out

OKK; May 31, 2009; Cindy & Jeff Petty


Just a little scooter riding on a sunny day.



Looking pretty "cool" in those sunglasses.



"Aunt" Cindy comes out to play on Kaylee's bike. :)


Go Aunt Cindy!  (But stay off the scooter!)



Kaylee climbed up on the T-6 to take some photos of the inside of it...



It looks good on her.  ;)



Just a series of photos.  :)






Kaylee drives Daddy around on the golf cart.


And "Uncle" Jeff too.


She has fun and does a good job.



Our family plays "Drummer" boy and girl.






Kaylee takes the Golf Cart on a solo ride and brings everything home safely...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)