Monticello Fly-In

OKK & MCX; May 30, 2009; Cindy & Jeff Petty

The first photo of the back of my head in the T-6.  ;)


The DC-3 at Monticello



The Ramp at MCX, with the T-6 in the far back.




T-6 and Sabre jet






BT-13 and T-6


Kaylee eating nachos


Cindy in the back of the T-6



Cindy and Laura in the T-6



Laura & Cindy at MCX


Cindy & Laura warming up.


Rotating with Cindy


Taking off from MCX


"Uh-Oh.  Now what do we do?" (dropped the helmet liner to the floor of the T-6).


Steve helping Jeff get buckled in and helmeted up.


Well, it's on...



sort of.  Too small.


Jeffrey in the T-6



Laura & Jeff


Taxiing out


Picking up speed to take off

Laura & Jeffrey


A lovely sunset at the end of the day.


The camera didn't get all the colors, of course, but it was lovely.


We had a fire at the end of the day...






(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)