May at OKK

May 23-24, 2009

The kids from Tipton arrive...


Sitting and listening to the "how planes work" talk.


Citabria and the bus


Nathan pointing out the "tailfeathers"


Going over control surfaces on the Baron


Still.  :)


Going over the Citabria and its differences.


The prop is an airfoil...


The Pied Piper of Kokomo takes the kids over to the 172 next.


Explaining more about flying


Kids all group in and listen.


Chuck is taking photos of the kids in the Citabria


Our group is done already


We swapped for the "girls", who are getting their photos now.


One group shot.  :)


Chuck is helping the kids smile. 


More herding cats, over to the other hangar now. :)


Ah, the Mustang.



Explaining about the gear and the guns


Letting the kids touch one blade of the prop.


As much as they wanted to.



Which of course they love.


As do we--easy clean-up!



On to the T-6 and what it's all about.


And the Cheyenne and how it is different.


Okay, this one was just for me because I can't help it when I have a camera.


Kids having airplane cookies and milk


Good group!



On their way back home for the day, hopefully having learned something today about flying...



The poor T-6, sitting in the rain.


Laura in T-6



Laura & Patty


Steve helping Mom get set up.


Starting up...


Warming up...


Funny little red helmet liner on...


Ready to go, a goodbye wave from Mom.


Taxing off to the runway



Coming back in-laughing at the moon we saw...


Still smiling...


Yep-if you blow it up, I'm still smiling.


Daughter and Mother in the T-6.  Smiling.  :)


Crazy hair.  It's how I feel better after having a helmet on. ;)



Mom and Steve by the T-6



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)