Saturday at OKK

April 11, 2009

Charlie and Dawn


The Cub, the T-6 and the Cheyenne out on the ramp


Steve & Duane


Nathan's gorgeous custom Corvette


Jim and Dale coming up to say hi.


The makings of a photo shoot.  Trey working his way up the yellow platform on the left to direct where to put stuff, Chuck helping tug things in place.  The Mustang & T-6



Trey, the guys getting the Corvette in the photo



Mustang & Vette...match nicely!


Trey's up on the platform looking over the potential shots



T-6 and Cheyenne on the ramp



Duane, Nathan, and Chuck's Citabria


The crew.  Trey coming down from the platform, Duane, Nathan, Steve, Chuck.


The Corvette, Mustang and bus


Duane, Chuck & Nathan


Trey helping Max fuel up the T-6


Steve rides Kaylee's bike back to the hangar to put it away.



He did such a good job-but he didn't have on his helmet!  ;)

Photos by Trey Carroll

Checkertail T-6 N43826




The following are my red bobble head up front, Duane's red bobble head in back.










(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)