The Citabria photos taken by Laura 3/19/09, the first six T-6 photos on the page taken by Justin 3/20/09


View out the window at 2000'



Off the nose, in between Sheridan and Glenndale.


A little barren still around here...


Smiling at myself.  ;)


The cub in the background, Chuck in front of the wing, me taking forever to get buckled in.


Going over the cockpit and checklist so as to not forget anything.


Warming up the engine prior to taxi


Canopy cracked, enjoying the breeze.


Chuck leaning against the hangar door, me taxiing out to go fly.


The view across the airport-me doing the run-up over there.  :)

04-04-09 at OKK

Maggie and Kaylee playing on the bike.


"Queen of the Mountain!"  (They won't find exercise bikes as fascinating as grown women!)



The hangar packed with a bus, Cheyenne, Corvette, Mustang, T-6, and Baron.  Plenty of room...


Steve's in Nathan's Vette and I'm telling.


I guess I can't tell, since I'm taking the airplane next. 


A nice sunset flight seems like a good idea now that the winds have finally calmed down to normal.


Steve in the back of the T-6, doing the flying.


A clearer photo of it.  :)


I was trying to move my head out of the way so I could get both of us in the shot.  Instead, I just got the top of his helmet and I look funny.  Oh well.


Back in after the flight, thumbs-up from us both on a fun flight.



There we are...



A neat no-flash shot.  Home again safely...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)