Flight to Kissimmee, FL

In the Baron.  December 5, 2008

O-dark-thirty as the sun rises...


City lights still showing on the ground


The first peek at the sun.



Me flying, sunrise






A cloud deck moved in underneath us


Which made for a beautiful backdrop.




These next photos are of the mountains.


You can see them rising out of the cloud layer.


It almost looks like an ocean with islands.


Pilots are known to call them "CumuloGranite".


(This is because "cumulo" stands for "cloud" and "granite" is, well, granite.  So, hard rock in the clouds.)


Pictures don't do them justice.


They are pretty majestic, though they don't compare to the western "real" mountains!


I'd still rather not hit one, however.  ;)


Blow some of these up-they aren't super huge files.


More Cumulogranite.



This is a little layer of clouds right over a little lake hidden in the mountains.


We stopped in Athens, Georgia for fuel, and they had this airplane being piloted by Santa Claus hanging from the ceiling.


I wished Kaylee could see that one.


We also got to fly right over Disney World.  Behind the wing here is Epcott.  If you blow it up, you can see some of the stuff on the ground.  :)


Ah, welcome to Kissimmee!


More mountains and a lake...


The light made the clouds silvery, but I don't think you can tell...


First I was flying on the way to Athens and bored Nathan to sleep.



Then Nathan was flying on the way to Kissimmee and Chuck was the victim.



Me?  I was my own victim. I was flying home.  Really.


Well, I wasn't really asleep right then, but I was a little...droopy...earlier and I thought it only fair if I was going to post theirs.  ;)


We're now officially on our way home from Florida.


The sun is going down on the day








The city lights show up again as the sky goes dark.


And this awful photo is of the city lights on the ground and the panel lights on the airplane glowing in the window.  Goodnight!


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)