NOT so Fun Flying Photos

The Great Bean Escape & Trip Home: 8/30-31/06

News photo from the air


Another news photo from the air.


Steve, the plane, and the plowed field.


A closer version-you can see him holding his head


Making a phone call next to the flipped plane.


The rescue folks by the plane...


A far away view of the plane--wheels up.


Trying to shut the fuel valve off all the way I believe.


Upside down.


The police is guarding the scene, and Chuck and Laura coming through the beans to the plane in the background.


Scott stands by it, smiles, and says "We're okay".


Steve does the same thing.


The plane journeys home on back roads.


Lots of guys helping out...


Weigh down the tail with oil cases, strap it to a trailer, and guide it home down the back roads.


Steve and Laura


Getting ready roll...


Waiting to move...


And there they go.  In the bigger version you can see the plane clear at the end of the road, with the police escort.  You can see how tight it was to get the wings through some of these areas.


There we go.




That's not a view you see too often!


Especially on a country road!

This poor guy walked all 6 1/2 miles back home next to that wing!


Laura's on the right, trying to keep the corn out of the wings


Swinging around some corn...


Going around the poles...



The final stages, pulling into Glenndale's road...


Going past Michaele's driveway...


And the last stop, pulling into Glenndale's driveway, with the police escort in the background.  Finally home, after HOW many hours??


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)