Labor Day

Kokomo, Indiana September 1-4th, 2006

We camped out in a trailer at Kokomo Airport, by Nathan's hangars.


There was Nathan & Jamie, Chuck & Judy, Charlie & Dawn, and Steve, Laura & Kaylee, all in trailers.  We had a blast!



The airport is a GREAT place for kids to ride bikes.  Here's Kaylee in front of the Seneca (far left) and the Baron (right side).


Lots of smooth, flat concrete to ride SUPER fast on!  Kaylee & the Baron.


Chuck & Jamie are towing the Gnat around to face it away from the hangars before it lights up on its test flight.


Here it is from the back.  I felt the concrete after it did its test run-up, and the ground was HOT to the touch.


Chuck listens in on the hand held radio to see if Nathan needs anything.



Charlie & Dawn hanging out watching the test run-up.


The Gnat fires up for the first time since being put back together.


Laura watching the Gnat's test run-up.


Nathan gets ready for the first test flight.


In and "lit up" and ready to go!


And away it goes, the first flight in months of the Gnat!


Steve, Chuck & Nathan help Laura get strapped in to the Gnat.


Lots of buckles, straps, and gizmos!


Okay, so THAT'S where that goes...


Hey, watch it!


Nate's in, some last minute adjustments...


Still in the hangar, but there's a bigger shot of the Gnat


Kaylee & Jamie hanging out on the tug.


Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing here...


Getting ready to be tugged out of the hangar.


And we're firing up here...


Getting ready.


Here's a smile and a wave.  :)


And away we go!!


I didn't bring my camera along for the ride, so you'll have to imagine. But here we are after landing...


And now it's Steve's turn!


Strapping in...


Cheeeese!  :)


And away they go!



You can see the jet wash in the back of this photo if you blow it up, but you'd best have cable to try that with the size these photos are!



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)