Indian Hills Fly-In

September 6, 2008

Jim's Hangar and home of the annual fly-in.


Some of the planes lined up at one point during the day.


Planes to the left, planes to the right.  :)


A little better angle if you blow it up.


Jim lives in that hangar-there's an apartment in there too.  That's the life!  :)


Inside the hangar with some of the crew.  I didn't get a yellow shirt like everybody else, but that's okay because I look awful in yellow anyway.  ;)



Kaylee and some folks inside the hangar, some of the campers in the background.


Kaylee with Sadie the special, sweet dog who hung out with us all day.


Jim taking off in his Champ.


Bob coming by in his RV




I was mad I missed this photo.  The Super Cub, the Champ and the 172 all landed one after the other, and were lined up for a great shot.  Unfortunately, right when I got my camera to focus, the Cub went right, the Champ went Left, and the 172 touched down.  Oh well...


Ty exiting the Cub, Ken's legs in the 172


Sadie, Kaylee, Ty and the Super Cub.


Dale in the yellow shirt owns the Super Cub, talking to Ty.


John, Chuck and Steve relaxing.


Kaylee and her little friend.


Jim grilling up our delicious meal



Kaylee and friend goofing around.



And playing with the Pocket Pets Kaylee brought to entertain herself with.


Dusk flying at Indian Hills


Some of the folks hanging out


Our camp fire before it grew large and in charge


Dale with his son-in-law and chief Fire (and Trouble) Starter, Charlie.


Kaylee by the fire


A fuzzy photo of the hangar lit up at night, Jim's Champ in the foreground, the silhouette you can't see of Sadie the dog lying on the concrete to the right.  I needed a tripod!  Thus ends a lovely day!



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)