Sheridan Days!

August 17, 2008







Some of the folks hanging out in the hangar at Sheridan.



A Taylorcraft and two Stearmans


Nathan's T-6


Just some folks hanging out, with the Pitts and the Aztec in the background


One old, cracked, faded ramp; one blue sky with puffy white clouds, and several pretty airplanes make for a nostalgic moment.


Airplanes and Such.  :)


More people hanging out.


Some of our Glenndale Folks relaxing in the shade and enjoying the view.


One wall in the hangar had a history wall of photos of the airport and local airplanes.


The Stearmans


Now there are Three!


Stearman #2 is leaving, #3 sitting pretty on the ramp.


This one had "Navy" on it.


T-craft leaving, Stearman waiting.


Kaylee and Maggie at the picnic table watching by the Decathlon wing.


Kaylee & Maggie


Dale of Glenndale leaving in his Super Cub.



Looking good, Dale.  :)


Kaylee & Maggie on the little car



Having a good time...



The Stearman is getting ready to leave.



Golf cart, hangar, port-o-potty, and an Extra 300.  Yep, definitely an airport function.  ;)


Just Kaylee in the car on the ramp.  :)


Kaylee ON the car.  :)


We were one of the last folks to leave, as you can tell by the totally empty parking lot.  A good time was had by all!



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)