Early "Test" Flights of the T-6

July 14, 2008

And away we go...


Huntington Airport below the wing as we climb up over the airport.


Nathan up front.


A better view of Huntington.  We stayed within gliding distance of the airport.


We put about 2 1/2 hours on the plane today so I took lots of pictures of the clouds, which were quite pretty.  Enjoy.  :)


The canopy is open, and when I turn around in my seat, this is what I see.


Well, this one is more centered.




I wrapped the camera strap around my wrist, hung on to it, and snapped a few pictures outside the airplane.


The air was cold enough at 8500' that it froze up my camera and shut it off twice.


I did it from the other side too, anyway.


The view from outside...


The tail from hanging my hand/the camera outside.


The back seat panel while we're in the air.


Isn't that just pretty?


I can't believe I took two shots and didn't get the whole plane in either one.  *sigh*


After the first flight, we came down and they worked on the intercom system for awhile.



There we go...




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)