T-6 Progress

as of June 12, 2008

Well, first, this is the loaner T-6, after we landed at MIE.  Taken by Kennie at Muncie Aviation.


Finally got it shut down-this was the day from which my hair never has recovered.  ;)


Nathan & Laura looking at his T-6.

Wings are on, it's looking good.


The 'guts'.


Lots of guys working on it today...




Airplane guts with Nathan & Laura behind there.


This little guy is there to protect people from walking into the long pitot tube that sticks out pretty far.


The first time I've gotten to sit in this T-6.


This photo cracks me up.  Look at that concentration.  Look at that concentration.  Look at that...now what was I saying again?...


Thanks, Chuck.  ;)


Nathan was pointing out the differences between this model and the one we get to fly for now.


Hey, it's Steve!


More going over stuff, looking at stuff, playing with stuff...


Talking and laughing about stuff...


Posing for stuff...  ;)


Tim (owner of the T-6 business) and Steve.

The wide view

The "end".  ;)


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)