GUS Refueling Mission

Grissom Air Reserve Base on June 4, 2008 in a KC-135

The KC-135 we flew on.


This is one big airplane, folks!


This is the photo they took of us "Civic Leaders".  ;)


Laura & Chuck in the back of the plane.  Awake.  I think.


View out the left window


Mike, the Boom Operator for the refueling mission and the gentleman who has provided me with several flight suits and a front-row seat in the KC-135 for the landing.  :)


Mike and the other guy who was a seat hog.


The refueling begins.


This is an RC-135, or a reconnaissance (better known as 'spy') airplane.


I took a lot of photos of this trying to get a good one, and never really did.  But I took some with each of my two cameras, and on the big versions I can tell the quality difference.


There's no way to give you perspective on how BIG these airplanes are and how large they look in the window of another airplane.



Though I *have* been closer to other airplanes than this-just not airplanes this large.  ;)


Very close.



Mike did a great job getting the probe properly attached.


The pilot was a lady named Carrie, and her instructor is on the right.


Chuck got to watch for a little while when we were up in the air.




No flash photography was allowed, so these are a little whited out by the natural light from the windows, but oh well.  Cheese!  :)



The panel in the KC-135.


The overhead panel in the -135.


View out the right window portal.


Chuck and a few guys going up into the cockpit.


The Boom Operator's control panel.


More of the cockpit.

Another view of the right

and left wings.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)